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New Pet Society Items – February 21th March 7, 2010

Pet Society has a Wizard of Oz theme this week, country furnishings, and lots of new Spring items.

In the garden shop, there’s a tree with poppies as “this week’s special.”  There’s also a garden tea terrace for sale and a new rose flower pot and lion petling.

In the luxury shop,  “this week’s specials” are an elegant white piano and an emerald throne (10,000 coins!!??!), and the “just arrived” item is an elegant wooden piano.

In the furniture store, “this week’s special” is a pink picnic table. The “just arrived” items include a yorkshire terrier plushie, Mother’s Day cute card and bouquet, blue picnic table, blue mailbox, country rocking chair and wooden seat, flowers wall frames, rose teapot and tea cup, country wooden side table and shelf unit, and a flowers picture frame.

There’s also a big clearance sale going on in the furniture store.  All the items in the three pictures below are 50% off the original price.

In the food shop,  there’s a new chocolate pastry for sale.

In the clothing shop, “this week’s specials” are a pink nightdress, pink witch dress and shoes, purple witch dress and shoes, granny bonnet, green wizard glasses, granny glasses, purple witch hat, star wand and pink witch crown.

The “just arrived” clothing items include a red country dress and shoes, a red hood, a green wizard shirt, hat and pants, golden wizard boots, a checkered blue dress and bow, and sparkling red shoes.

In the DIY store, “this week’s special” are a cute pink gate and fence, pink roses wallpaper, and an emerald curtain.  The “just arrived” items include a green forest wallpaper and floor, antique roses wallpaper, and yellow bricks floor.

The “just arrived” items also include a cute white gate and fence, and a country wooden door and window.

In the gadget shop, there’s an emerald chandelier as “this week’s special.” The “just arrived” item is a pink country lamp.

What do you think of this week’s items? Which ones are your favorites?

My favorites are the rose teapot, red country dress, and the new pianos.