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Pet Society Updates – January 30th January 30, 2010

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A few updates were included during today’s updates in Pet Society.  One of the updates is the addition of new Valentine’s gift boxes and bags.

Hideeni got tired of dressing like a turkey, and sent his costume to the dry cleaners.  He’s back in his old chicken costume; however, Hideeni is not offering a new gift yet (it’s still the reindeer doll).  Here is Hideeni, pining away after Momo.

On the left side of the screen, there’s a new button to add to the clutter on our game screen that prompts us to share our email addresses with Playfish.  I’m tired of seeing it already.  I bet it’ll keep reappearing no matter how many times I get rid of it, just like the bookmark Pet Society button.

Lastly, the Pet Society Facebook fan page has a teaser up that says, “You have asked for it, now it’s coming! What is it?…”

This new feature will be released on Monday GMT.  I’m looking forward to it, and just hope it’s not another cash shop feature.  I hope it’s a new game for the stadium or a mini game that will be fun for everyone.

What do you think the new feature is?  What do you think of the other new updates?


17 Responses to “Pet Society Updates – January 30th”

  1. Speed Dawg Says:

    New feature is: PETLINGS!

  2. Luna Says:

    I might buy the kitty one!
    But I’m concerned if you buy it and you have a nannybot would it not run away?

  3. beckie Says:

    i dont get the pets tbh :/
    i think they will be expensive
    but we will seeee, aha.

  4. Noah Says:

    Go to The new feature is having new puppy’s and stuff.It is about the same for petville,If you do not feed it for a day,it will run away and you will have to pay coins

  5. Andre Says:

    Ooo…as Rinoa remember Momo wants a surprise in upcoming next week items and features. Before that Rinoa always went to for spoilers, but now my pet Rinoa follows Momo’s policy “wait until next week to add the element of surprise”…… 🙂

  6. mike Says:

    the homegrown tomato

  7. *Mrs. ViCorn* Says:

    – The new Valentine’s day’s giftwrapping are so cute,my favorite was the 80 coins giftwrapping, it looks like a chocolate box xD. What about you PS gIRL ?
    -I liked more when Hideeni was a turkey, the chicken outfit just freaks me !!
    -The new feature is Pets for our pets heehee the bad thing is that I heard that if you don’t feed them, they will escape :(, that would be such a sad thing for my Renesmee. Hope the new pets (Petlings) are for everyone, and for everyone I mean not only avaivle for PLayfish cash :/.
    WOOOW This is my biggest comment ever 😀

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