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Pet Society Updates – January 15th January 15, 2010

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Today, Pet Society was updated, and there are some great new features for players.  Playfish listened to its players and added more ways for us to earn coins. Hopefully the prices of next week’s items don’t go up too. Here’s the letter from the Mayor:

1) Caring for your pet by cleaning, brushing and petting it gives you twice as many coins as before.
2) The trees reportedly will produce more fruit more often (I haven’t noticed a difference with mine yet, but I hope this is true!).
3) We can sell non-seasonal food for double the previous profits (ex. the King Burger has a profit of 80 coins now, while previously the profit for selling it was only 40 coins). I was getting bored of cooking after I unlocked the seasonal foods, but I’m going to cook something today!
4) Ornaments from the Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendars can now be gifted to your friends, sold for 5 coins each, or recycled for 32 coins.  I’m keeping mine, but this is great news for anyone who likes to trade or wants to have a clean inventory. You won’t have to hide the ornaments now, unless of course you want to!
5) New mystery items are out – I’ll be posting on them soon.
6) New pro fish are in the fishing pond – unfortunately there are no signs of free fish this week.
7) For all fans of Pet Society on facebook, Playfish sent out a Pet Society Teddy as a gift today.  It’s a cute little bear with an I heart PS shirt.  If you want a bear and didn’t receive one today, you can still get one by becoming a fan of the game before Jan 20th.   The bear cannot be gifted or traded. Here’s the page to become a fan of Pet Society.

Let me know if you noticed any other changes in the game. I’m so happy the developers listened to player feedback.  What a fun Pet Society update! 😀


32 Responses to “Pet Society Updates – January 15th”

  1. nati Says:

    great improvement! it seems that they have read my critic from the last few days 😛 haha. i hope the prices stay as they’re now, because otherwise it’ll be the same.
    oh, and the plushie is cute too :D.
    i’d really like to know about the new mystery items! :O i’ll be checking your blog soon 🙂

  2. owee Says:

    hey p.s girl check my blog, i just found some new tricks for pet society!!

  3. ceres-gal Says:

    i love how we can now be guaranteed to earn coins every brushing and cleaning…

    makes my pet’s life much easier (and a bit richer)

  4. Archy Says:

    What I saw is, that always, when I brush my pet, not only drops coins (before, not always dropped). Also the coins are always 4 (before, you could get 1 or 2). I dunno if you can get 2 coins (the double of 1).
    The points given by caring doesn’t seem to change.

  5. Alisa Says:

    I never receive coins for cleaning or brushing. I still don’t. Why is that?

    • ceres-gal Says:

      you have to click on the left button all the time while brushing / petting up and down…

      and is the pet status bar already full when you do it?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      If you click with your mouse and soap your pet by moving the mouse up and down, you should get coins. If you let your pet wash itself, then PS won’t give you coins.

  6. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    hey pet society girl my trees grew so much fruits! i didn’t visit my pet for a day because of school then when i checked my garden, there were like ten fruits on my trees! bring on the money!!!!!!(and recycle points)

  7. Alisa Says:

    What button on the left? I have a mac. Would that make a difference? Thanks.

  8. RAy IGnacIo Says:

    Well, I could sell those annoying ornaments!!! Thank God, they are gone!!

  9. Yin Xia Says:

    Happy too! Any idea if I was already a fan, can I get the teddy too? 😀

  10. Malena Says:

    I’m also getting much more paw points for cleaning and brushing my friend’s pet. I’m getting more than 40 every time. Is this also part of this update?

  11. owee Says:

    hey frnds did u checked out my tricks, go to my blog to see them. (click on my name to go there)

  12. yeah nice post…i like the free gift too 😛

    btw whr u have been ps girl ?

  13. sparkle Says:

    i would really love it if playfish put some play fish cash in the wheel when you get the lottery !!!

  14. Marcia Says:

    I certainly didn’t like my pet having flies around her when it had been less than 24 hours since I cleaned her. I also had to feed her about 6 times to fill up the bar when it used to only take once or twice, so I’m not sure what I’m accomplishing. 😦

    • Cupcake Says:

      I agree I just cleaned, fed, and brushed my pet then the next day the vital stats are like down to 5% again.

      PS is so sneaky. They are giving us more coins but if you really think about it, we’re spending more cos we have to feed our pet like 6 times more

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Oh no, I haven’t played enough since the update to notice. 😦

  15. cinnamonsweet Says:

    i just wanted to say, if ur angry about the need for more feeding, u can go to the cafe and clean /make happy all the pets there and get about 100 coins to make up for the loss of money of buying food. that what i do

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