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Pet Chefs: Cooking Up a Storm in Pet Society December 11, 2009

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A new feature was added today in Pet Society.  Our pets can now cook.  I think Pet Society is becoming a mesh of all the other Playfish games (Country Story/gardening, Restaurant City/cooking).   I wanted to see how the new cooking feature worked because it seemed interesting.

Here’s the letter Momo received from the Mayor:

Then I clicked on the recipe book, which is the leftmost icon on the bottom of the playing screen (circled below).  I wish there wasn’t so much screen clutter!

Here’s a screencap from the recipe book.  As you cook recipes, you gain cooking points and unlock harder recipes.  To start, we can all cook vegetable soup.  The recipe book explains how to begin and warns us that we have to collect the cooked food after the cooking time is over to prevent the food from burning.

Here’s the second page of recipes.  It’s nice that we can cook foods that are not available in the stores.  However, it costs coins to “learn” how to perform new recipes, and we also have to pay for the ingredients. That means, we can’t make a profit immediately because of the investment to “learn” the recipes.

After learning the recipes, you can eventually make a profit if you sell the items you cook. Unfortunately, the profit information is only visible after you learn to cook the recipe.  I assume (and would hope) that the profits will continue to grow if we spend a lot of time using this feature, but I’m can’t tell for sure yet.  The profit for making vegetable soup is 1 coin, the profit for the giant hotdog is 9 coins, and the profit for the king burger is 40 coins.

Momo was given this cooking stove.

I started by cooking the vegetable soup.  To cook a recipe, just click on “cook” under an available recipe in your cooking book.  The vegetable soup takes 10 minutes to cook.

Here’s my finished soup.  My husband’s pet made some soup too, and he was annoyed at the girlish pink bowl, which didn’t match his house.  Too bad more things in Pet Society aren’t gender neutral.  It’s not like women are the only ones who cook!

Next, I cooked a giant hot dog. It took two hours to cook, and I was given two hours to collect the food before it would burn in the oven.

It’s important to note that the collecting time is generally equal to the cooking time.  For example, if the food takes 10 minutes to cook, then you’ll have 10 minutes to collect the food.  If the food takes two hours to cook, then you’ll have two hours to collect the food.

In case you’re wondering, the giant hotdog really is giant!  Just look at the size of it.  The soup gives off little puffs of smoke.

Also, in case you’re wondering, yes, your pet can eat the foods. You’d think I starved Momo by her behavior, but she was fed earlier today!  heehee!

I like aspects of the new feature so far.  I like that we don’t have to monitor the cooking and that we can get some new foods.  I hope that some of the later recipes are more profitable too because it might be a good way to make some money in the game, though it’s unclear how profitable it will be right now, considering the costs of ingredients and learning the recipes.  It’s definitely a smart move by Playfish to make sure we log into the game multiple times a day.

What do you think of it?  Has your pet tried it out?  Are there recipes you can’t wait to try?


93 Responses to “Pet Chefs: Cooking Up a Storm in Pet Society”

  1. Nova Says:

    I’ve cooked the soup and the hotdog so far and I’ve burnt a few soups! oh nos! But I like this feature, it’s slow going but it makes Pet Society more fun to come back and check instead of maybe just logging in once a day for coins.

  2. Mrs ViCorn Says:

    this is an incredible feature ! I love it ! I have alredy cooked the vegetable soup :D.
    Do you liked it ?
    Momo looks so cute eating the giant hotdog hehee.

  3. Cricket Says:

    I cooked the soup, hotdog and now I’m working on the KING BURGER!! I did burn a soup to see what would happen. You can’t gift it OR sell it. You have to recycle it to get rid of it. Recycles for 10 points.

  4. Mrs ViCorn Says:

    Hey PS girl… how do you take pictures of the screen ? my laptop is weird so I need help !

  5. Ne0cats Says:

    I ADORE IT!! Its my favourite feature, next to gardening ofcourse! I Cannot WAIT To Try And Make The Banana Split. I Hope They Add a trophey for it. Though I guess the already would have if they were going to 😦 Oh well.

  6. ceres-gal Says:

    got the soup… i can live with 10 minutes…
    i’ve got no patience though… i guess i should set a timer for the 1-day recipe

    • ceres-gal Says:

      uh oh xD what’s the other 2 ingredients required to make the hotdog? looks like i didn’t buy it the last time..

      • Dani Says:

        you need ketchup and mustard which you can buy in the Furniture Shop and they both together cost 250 cents. I wonder what you need to make the King Burger…

  7. Ahmad Says:

    hew ps girl the red car ornament now glows its cool

  8. Lola Bunni Says:

    So it looks like the price to cook is how much it costs to buy the ingredients you don’t have. But then after I made the soup and giant hot dog, I got in my chest all the ingredients to make another soup and giant hot dog so it’s free to make them again. Hmm… I wonder if this will keep happening. Time to make another soup!

  9. Archy Says:

    Hi. I know that here isn’t the place (But I dunno where is the right place).

    Hiddeni is giving away a new plushie?

  10. Toad(pet society name) Says:

    Its like Restaurant City! Does anyone play that? I play every single Playfish game ever known! I love Playfish!!! Go Playfish!

  11. The Giant Hotdog profits you a whopping 9 coins! Spending 265 coins is kinda steep to profit just 9 coins, especially that you can still lose your 265 coins if you don’t pull it out in time. If they had more than one microwave it would be more worth it. Hopefully the other items in the menu make us profit more. I wonder what’s their next move, selling more microwaves as cash shop items?

  12. silvermist Says:

    To “unlock” the other recipes, you can just cook the soup dish over and over again to attain the required number of dishes. And because it just takes 10 mins, it’s the fastest way to get to the recipes you want in the later pages like the wedding cake and the gingerbread house. Happy cooking, everyone!

  13. Vesper Says:

    I’m pretty torn about this new feature. On the one hand, I like having something new to do in Pet Society. On the other hand, the reason I did not play Cafe World and those farming games was that I did not want to be harrassed into thinking “Oh damn, is it time?” or set my alarm clock so I won’t miss the time to collect the food/crop. I liked that I could log into Pet Society a couple of times a day and then concentrate on work, etc. the rest of the time.

    So far, it doesn’t look like it’s an essential part of the game. You can choose not to cook. I’m grateful for this choice. Although, if they start giving out trophies for cooking, I’d be slightly annoyed because of course I’d want the trophy. XD

    Yeah, I admit the cooking feature is fun to do when it’s the weekend. But at this time I really don’t want to add the thought of “Oh crap, is it time to collect my cooked food?” on top of busy working days.

    • I feel the same Vesper. I don’t want to have to set a timer in real life to remind me to log in.

      • Vesper Says:

        I tried it out over the weekend, and I’m happy with the grace period – the time to collect the food before it burns (saved me more than twice!). I think I can get by cooking 8-hour/12-hour recipes during work days, haha! It’s pretty cool earning coins in a different way, too.

  14. Dave Says:

    for the king burger what you need is meat, cheese and bread. and for the mega pankaces you need maple sirup, milk and pie. the easiest way to get these dishes is to keep making soups. its faster

  15. ray Says:

    cool now i am waiting for the hotdog to cook I love it! 😀

  16. Archy Says:

    How much does it take for the burger to cook?

  17. Natasha Says:

    i’ve been having trouble with the game, some sign appears saying something about the adobe (the program) and doesn’t let me play.

  18. Yin Xia Says:

    I think it is something like Cafe World and restaurant city… 😦 We have to monitor our food, or waste our money… :X

  19. Jaynie Says:

    The food that we buy and grow are regular sized… the ones that we cook are HUGE!!!!

  20. Lola Bunni Says:

    Twice now when I go back to the game expecting to see my food still in the toaster oven (not ready, not burnt) it’s empty instead and the ingredients are in my chest. It’s like I never started cooking! Must be a glitch, I hope.

  21. Mrs ViCorn Says:

    Hi PS Girl!
    Hey I ulpoad to Flick a photo of my pet Renesmee (she’s brown, with a blonde wig and the santa suit) with the new reindeer plushie that Hideeni is giving and with the new festive fruit that looks like an orange but snowy hehee.

  22. Money Tree Says:

    how can i cook more than one dish of food at one time

  23. Gerson Says:

    Hi pet society girl i was really afraid becuse i don`t find your blog. i’ve been searching all days and today i found it. what happen did you change your blog?

    Ps: sorry for my english

  24. Natasha Says:

    please i need help i’ve been able to play for days because of this sign of adobe that i dunno what it means and it won’t go away.

  25. Lu Says:

    i’ve been having so much trouble- i’ve cooked 2 soups and 1 hot dog, and then they finish cooking and i collect them, and i go to collect a new dish and ps suddenly can’t connect and i refresh it and i apparently had never been cooking anything in the first place ._. SO FRUSTRATING

  26. WingsofMemories Says:

    I’m up to the Mega Pancakes but i have no place to display them lol haha

  27. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i already made the king burger and the soup. the burger is as big as our pets!

    • I made a burger yesterday, and then the game crashed right after I clicked to collect it. The burger isn’t in my chest now. 😦

      I’m trying to cook another now. I can’t wait to see how big it is. 😀

  28. Rozelle Javier Says:

    I think this is really profitable because for example i cook soup, then i will pay 17 coins for the ingredients, then after it is cooked when i sell it its 18 coins, but if you check your cookbook youll find that you can cook one more for free!! So that means in a soup you will earn:

    18(first sell)-17(payment for ingredients)=1+18(sell the one you cooked for free)=so you will earn 19 per day forthesoup..

  29. Matt Says:

    Dear PS Girl,
    I took some print-screens of the festive tree’s fruits. You may use them.

  30. diddie Says:

    I got a huge question the MI’s of the Christmas will dissaper with all the Christmas items on 27th?????? Please I need to know

  31. PSM Says:

    PSG, can you check my blog????

  32. Jacel Says:

    So far I’ve only made several tureens of vegetable soup. I found you can use them as bait. The two times Scoop tried (wearing the fishing hat and vest) he caught a never-seen-before pink heart fish (echoing the hearts on the tureen) and a carp.

    • Hi Jacel! Thanks for sharing. I’ve caught a pink heartfish too. It was released on Nov. 26th, and I believe you can catch it with any type of bait. That’s cute that it matches the soup!

      • Jacel Says:

        Scoop hasn’t been fishing for a several weeks until I decided to test the home-cooked soup. I’ve been glad to hear there keep being new fish added that can be caught with non-cash bait.

  33. Mario Says:

    im cooking a pineapple fried rice tonigth it will be finished :PPP
    But one favor.. i need the cost of learn i forgot them seeya bae

  34. Jenny Says:

    I have found out that the hot dog is actually worth more than 9 coins. When selling mine earlier today, I believe it said 249 coins. Just thought I’d point it out :3

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Jenny, the ingredients for the giant hot dog cost 265 coins, and you can sell it for 275, so the overall profit is 9 coins.

  35. Arae Says:

    I love the new feature.. but I have cooked the hamburger twice.. and then I click the collect button.. and get nothing… it doesn’t put it in my chest… I am so sad 😦

  36. ACD Says:

    I’m having a big problem cooking! Can anyone please help me? When I press “Cook” for the soup recipe, it starts to load slowly for a really long time and says “Preparing…”, but then, it says “Preperation failed. Retry?” every single time I try it!!!!

    Any help is appreciated!

  37. Eve Says:

    do you know: if you buy a piece of kitchen furniture that appears to have a built-in oven, can you cook with it?

  38. joey Says:

    is there a certian level you have to be to cook? cause every time i click the oven it says its not available and try fishing, plz help

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