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New Pet Society Lottery December 4, 2009

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Today, a new lottery was introduced in Pet Society.  Here are details on the update from the Mayor:

Momo spun the lottery wheel (she felt like she was on the game show Wheel of Fortune), and she still only got 50 coins.  At least it wasn’t 10 or 25 coins though!  Yikes, I didn’t think my chances could get worse.  haha.

The frame the game is set in is also updated with links to all of the other Playfish games.

What do you all think of the new lottery?


29 Responses to “New Pet Society Lottery”

  1. Elii Says:

    i love it! it’s way more exciting and the better range of coins is good. 🙂

  2. Maria Says:

    WOAH! your board is totally different then mine. I logged in 3 days in a row i guess and my lowest coin is 12 and my highest was 1200. I got 30. 😦

  3. Zannen Says:

    I like the new lottery system, I got 90 coins though.

  4. Mrs ViCorn Says:

    The new lottery system is cool but the sad thing is that I’m getting only 10 coins 😦 But I’m happy at least visiting my friends I earn at least 1000 coins per day ! 😀

  5. SickGirl Says:

    This is a total ripoff! The lowest spin should be 50 coins, just like the previous lottery. It’s hard enough trying to collect money, and this makes it even worse. A good idea gone wrong.

  6. ahuh Says:

    this is so cool!
    it’s better to spin, and there’s more variety.
    on the first day i got the lottery, i won 500 coins!
    i usually only get 50 coins, so it was a nice change 🙂

  7. may Says:

    nice… haha i think i can get so many money in this lottery huh.. haha,,,

  8. I got 90 on my first try today, this should be exciting at first but should slowly die down as newer items will take everyones attention away. I call it the PS cycle. 🙂

  9. Cutie Pie Says:

    I got 25 coins on my first try looks like it’s b ad luck for me

  10. s.j.d.a Says:

    on my first try i got 75 i hope i can get 1000 😀

  11. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i got crap. i can’t even get 150!

  12. dnny Says:

    do you know about the ant eater plushie? i just want to ask is the ant eater plushie giftable?

  13. Cutie Pie Says:

    I got a anteater plushie from my friend for a early christmas present so I think it is giftable the plushie looks really cute

  14. Tim_Segaa Says:

    I am so lucky I most of the time get 1000 or maybe even 2000

  15. chocolover Says:

    i got 1500

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