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Back Online! December 1, 2009

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Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry the site was down for the last week. I was just as sad as some of you were. 😦

Here’s what happened. I moved my site to paid hosting with a company called WebHostGiant (Webintellects, Inc.) in September. The plan I bought is advertised as having Unlimited Web Space and Unlimited Bandwidth (unlimited internet traffic) for all sites that are not web portals/forums, gaming sites, galleries, download sites, streaming audio/video and chat sites. Sites that fall in those categories have a limited bandwidth per month. Since my site is a personal blog, it doesn’t fall under any of those categories.

Here’s where the problems came up. For some arbitrary reason, WebHostGiant decided they consider my blog a “web portal,” which they define as “Web Portals/Communities/Forums – Any sites that have members and/or forums.” They suspended my site, and gave my no notice until after the fact, leaving me unable to access my files and move my site for the remaining days in November. They wanted me to pay more for more bandwidth, but I didn’t think that was right considering I had paid for a plan was for “unlimited bandwidth” already. Now that it’s December and a new month, I requested that my site be put back online, and I can access my blog files again. Doesn’t that suck?

The whole situation has been a real pain. I guess I’ll move my site back to wordpress, but since I paid for a year contract with WebHostGiant, I feel cheated and really annoyed. Lesson learned: Don’t used WebHostGiant – Webintellects, Inc.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back!
Pet Society Girl


33 Responses to “Back Online!”

  1. prince_don Says:

    oh that was really really unfair! ask a refund to them for the months that they suppose to serve you.

    btw that just means that your blog has a lot of visitors. haha 🙂

    welcome back. 🙂

  2. Lola Bunni Says:

    That sucks but is so typical!

    I use to work for a Web Hosting company (for nearly 5 years total!) and I can tell you there is no such thing as “unlimited bandwidth” or “unlimited disk space.” It is just a marketing gimmick and I can assure you all of them have fine print somewhere that say they can suspend/cancel/restrict your account if they think you’re using too much disk space or bandwidth. It is very arbitrary.

    The thing is most people don’t even come close to using even 100MB of space or bandwidth a month, but for the very small percentage of customers who have a lot of traffic (like you) they’re willing to say “unlimited” to get the 95% of regular users and screw over the “power” users after the fact.

    I am so glad to get out of that industry, and so glad to see this site back! You were missed. 🙂

    • Thanks Lola! I’ve had websites before, but never one as popular as this blog. It’s too bad I fell for the marketing gimmick. I guess I had to learn the truth by getting burned! haha. I’m glad to be back too. 🙂

  3. Zad Says:

    I’m really grad that you’re come back.
    I kept open your blog 2-5 times everyday because your blog is the best guide for me.

    Wish any bad things will disappear and you will always be my pet’s Guru.

  4. Majrishka Says:

    so glad you’re back. i find it difficult to play pet society without checking your site. i mean, i got used to checking your site first before buying anything especially when the week begins. glad to have you back online. missed momo a lot!

  5. They should have at least contacted you to have to bump up your web host plan to allow the extra bandwith. If this happens again I’d seriously think about changing web hosts and getting a lawyer. 🙂

  6. dulcinea_101 Says:

    I visit youre website everyday and when I went in one day, I was shocked at what it said!!! At first I thought it didnt let me in to youre website because of where I am from. But then I thought, you wouldnt let this happen and that maybe its a glitch. After that I kept visiting everyday until it came back, I was loosing hope and stopped visiting until today. I felt super happy! I am sooooooo happy you are back! Its super unfair what they did to you!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!

  7. lucyloo Says:

    oh thank the great cat godess you’re back!!!!!!! we missed you so much… My imagination ran wild.. was she kidnapped in Turkey? did she drop her keyboard on the floor and break it?…oh no that was me LOL..anyways sooo glad you’re back , those bumpasses better not bump you again or we’ll sic or pets on them.

  8. Samantha Says:

    So glad that you are back! That’s terrible that you had to go through so much internet stress.
    This is by far the best pet society page out there! I tried others while the site was down but none compare!

  9. brisa Says:

    glad to have you back!! Everyone was worried and wondering what happened to you! welcome back!!

  10. Yin Xia Says:

    Oh.. I thought what happened to you and momo… Was so sad that i didn’t get to see this special pet society related blog with personal feelings! and updated practically daily! 😀 Glad that you are back! 😀

  11. Mrs ViCorn Says:

    OHHH… I thought i was the only one who was seeing that message. Pet Society Girl you are irreplaceable… My idea of looking someone like you TOTALLY SUCKS ! I’m glad you are back ! You rock, so Pet Society.
    Mrs. ViCorn =)
    LUV YA ! 🙂

  12. Zazazoo Says:

    Glad to see you back, PetSociety Girl!!

  13. Snakezzzzz Says:

    Hey pet society girl, first i must say i’m so glad you’re back, but, would you care to do a post about the different kinds of fishing rods, ’cause i’ve been wondering how to get different rods, but no one knows how. Anyway, i’m so so happy that you’re back! 🙂

    • Thanks Snakezzzzz! I saw the pictures of some other fishing rods, but I don’t know when they’ll be released either. I’m afraid I don’t have any information about them either.

  14. jaycie Says:

    welcome back psg! i miss you and momo a lot!

  15. teng Says:

    I’m glad you’re back.. miss all your update and your pet

  16. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    I’m glad you’re back pet society girl! i thought something happened to you in turkey. i was so sad when i saw that i couldn’t access this blog anymore. i even googled “what happened to pet society world?” and i found a whole lot of sites. know one knew what happened so i tried to look for a different site(all not good sites). no other blog will beat this blog!!!! now i can keep track of what happens in pet society again! 🙂

  17. sparkle Says:

    I’m REALLY glad you’re back it’s been a long time since i last ready your blog. And hope you had fun in Turkey!!

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