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Pet Society Pro Racing November 19, 2009

One of the other updates while I was on vacation is pro racing, which is a feature now available in the stadium.

You can only run pro races if you own and wear the entire pro athletic clothing set (shoes, vest and shorts) from the Pet Society cash shop.  These three items cost a total of 45 playfish cash coins. If you wear all three items, then you can run one pro race per day. The pro races are very tough and give you the chance of winning 200 gold coins per race.

What’s interesting is that even though pro races require you to spend playfish cash coins (blue coins), you have a chance of winning only regular gold coins not more playfish cash.

Have any of you paid to run pro races?  Do you think it’s worth it?

Personally, I wish there were some new features added to the stadium that involved other sports besides running hurdles, and I wish these features were open to all players, not just those willing to spend real money on the game.

I also noticed another change in the stadium.  The old advertisements along the wall of the stadium for other Playfish games (Word Challenge and Who Has the Biggest Brain?) are gone. In there place are pictures from Pet Society. One of the pictures shows a pets playing sports and cheerleading.


11 Responses to “Pet Society Pro Racing”

  1. Yin Xia Says:

    I guess Playfish wants us to spend real money on the game? Well, I guess, if we have to spend real money, then we should get real money too! Not just coins! 🙂

  2. miapuspacinantya Says:

    i never want to use my real money only for pet society.but,thx for the information 🙂

  3. Sanna Says:

    I bought the race set and no it wasn’t worth it. Even though I run fast and don’t trip over hurdles, I still don’t win the pro race, the other pets are simply faster. Usually I end up second, even if I pick pets that usually run slow. In the pro race, the others will never fall anywhere, they don’t wear the pro race clothes (why is that?) and they seem to have a speed boost that you will never have. Starting to get fed up already.

    • That’s a shame Sanna. 😦 I read that the pro races are really hard, and that when some people have won, the game instantly crashes and they haven’t received the coins for winning. 😦

  4. Mrs ViCorn Says:

    Dear Pet Society GIRL :
    Could you please tell me how does it feels running a pro race?
    I wish I could 😦

  5. Noah Says:

    I tried before and won only 4 of 10 races in the pro race

  6. Dunia Says:

    I think it is not worth it. I think the rule would be better if someone wins a pro race they would won playfish cash even 5 atleast. The other pets agianst me in the race won most of the time. 😦

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