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Pet Society Nannybot November 19, 2009

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Last week while I was away, Pet Society introduced a new Nannybot that is available for purchase in the furniture and gadget shops.  It’s a robot that can care for your pet while you are away.  Too bad it wasn’t introduced before my trip!

When Nannybot is charged with a battery, she can feed, clean and make sure your pet stays happy when you are both online or offline. The mayor gave everyone a free Nannybot battery as a gift. The battery lasts for three days.

The Nannybot costs 400 coins.

After the free battery runs out, new batteries must be purchased for 5 playfish cash coins if you want your Nannybot to continue running.  I’m not planning to purchase a battery with playfish cash, but I wanted to test the Nannybot out with my free battery.

The free battery cannot be gifted, recycled or sold, so you’re stuck with it in your inventory unless you buy a Nannybot to use it up or borrow a Nannybot from a friend.  Additionally, if you have a friend with a Nannybot, then you can enjoy her features and get some free food during your visits. The Nannybot only feeds your pet free toast, and does not feed your pet any food items from your inventory.

Here’s a picture of Nannybot cleaning Momo.

Here’s Nannybot tickling Momo with a feather and playing with her to keep her happiness level high.

Here’s Nannybot shooting toast at Momo’s head to feed her (or knock her unconscious) and keep her health level high.

The animations are cute, so I’m going to enjoy them during my three days of having a powered Nannybot.  I did notice that having a Nannybot means you will lose coins and pawpoints for feeding, cleaning and playing with your pet.  The battery itself is quite costly. Besides, nothing bad ever happens to your pet when you’re gone. While I was in Turkey, I ignored poor Momo entirely, so she was sad, hungry, and covered in flies when I returned. As soon as I logged in, I cleaned her, fed her and played with her, and she was back to normal. (One thing I was sad about was that I thought I might receive multiple lottery envelopes for the days I missed playing, but I just received one lottery.)

What do you all think of the Nannybot?  Will you ever use her?  Did you test buy one to test her out with the free batter?  Do you think the Nannybot is worth it or not?


19 Responses to “Pet Society Nannybot”

  1. Noah Says: is because you do not need to do stuff with your pet

  2. cool cool Says:

    love momo outfit today!! enjoy with your nannybot now!!

  3. Lot of players don’t like the fact that they can’t recycle, sell or gift the free battery. It’s like they’re forced to hold it or buy the nannybot to get rid of it.

  4. Yin Xia Says:

    I bought one too, hoping to just try out the nannybot. And I agree with Pet Society Help.. We can’t do anything with the battery.. Other than to use it. Oh, and my pet wore the maid’s outfit to “suit” the nannybot. 😛

    • That’s funny that your pet matched the nannybot. I think the best thing is to use the battery up and pass the nannybot to one of your friends so he/she can use up their battery too.

  5. shobiboii :D Says:

    uhmmm.// how to get a free battery.?

  6. Elwin Says:

    What I want to know is how to get rid of the nannybot once its battery has run out. I tested the free one on it, and now its sitting in my room looking ugly and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it.

  7. David Says:

    Actually, we’re supposed to be able to drop it in our house. I thought it looked like an energy drink bottle 😛 so I put it in my dining room. Unfortunately, I just checked and I can’t find it anymore… I’m unsure if it disappeared or if it’s behind other food items.

  8. david/l Says:

    heii all where can I buy a battrey using coins in petsociety??

  9. This is what I did with the battery:
    Put it behind my bookshelf. Haha 🙂

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