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Pet Society World’s Picture of the Week: Outlandish Layers October 15, 2009

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Have you ever spent time arranging objects in your pet’s house only to have them turn out bizarre and outlandish looking?

I’ve had this experience often.  Sometimes I think the strange layers are so amusing that I leave them that way.  Other times, I try to rearrange objects to make them look natural.

This week’s picture of week theme is Outlandish Layers.

Post a picture of any outlandish layering in your pet’s home in the Pet Society World Flickr Group. If you aren’t a member already, click here for details on how to join and post pictures to the group.

Momo was astounded tonight as she was watching her fish in their aquarium. The fish began escaping the aquarium and flying in front of an owl statue that she’d placed on a shelf in front of the tank.  Maybe the fish felt too crowded in the tank and just needed a little air? She never knew that fish could fly! 😉

Looking forward to your pictures!


30 Responses to “Pet Society World’s Picture of the Week: Outlandish Layers”

  1. Yin Xia Says:

    They look SO interesting! 😀 Anyway, does Momo have practically ALL the fishes?

  2. Squeak1995 Says:

    Lol that happened with me too. I was like “Why is there a clown fish floating near my pets head”

  3. Elii Says:

    FYI: there is a new fish called a black ghost knifefish. i caught it with a white ribbon cupcake from the food store, but you can probably catch it with other stuff too.

  4. Lola Bunni Says:

    So, I planted a bunch of seeds at the same time and was growing a pumpkin, 2 sweetheart roots and my very first pet root (don’t know what it’s called, line a teddy-shaped ginger root). Well, pulled them all today, my sweetheart roots were “Large” and both my pumpkin and teddy were rotten! 😦 😦 😦

    I should have plucked them both right away like Momo did!

  5. ray Says:

    why u say the fish can fly? 😀

  6. BlueBerry Says:

    That’s really cute!
    The fishies look like their flying in air!
    But, sorry to change the subject.
    Pet society girl?
    I thought mysterious items should be released by today!
    What’s happened?
    Is it the punishment? For the clone hack?

    • Hi BlueBerry, I’m not sure why the items have been delayed. There’s been no official notice, so all we can do is speculate. Let’s hope it doesn’t have to do with the hackers. Maybe there will be something special released this weekend and it’s taking a little longer to get ready. we can hope, right?

  7. LISA Says:

    MOMO! 😀

    I got new mystery items today! Did you blog about it? ^^

  8. Yoda Says:

    This is so cool! All the trees are spooky now and they give candy apart from coins!

  9. LISA Says:

    *reply to above comment*

    I don’t know is it me being slow to find out or not 😡
    But anw! I found..

    – bird cage decor
    -world traveler suitcase
    -clay tealight holder
    -grape mirror
    -compass decor

    all in expensive mystery box..
    I’m broke because of this 😡

  10. […] them about how they appear to “fly” out of their tanks and in front of the owl in my “outlandish layering” post earlier this […]

  11. Gabe Javier Says:

    I really hope it wil not be a hard time to catch all the rare fishes! 😀

  12. Karen Robles Says:

    OH!!! PSG What did ya do!?>!?!?!!?!

  13. ray Says:

    thks! 😀

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