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Pet Society World’s Picture of the Week: Garden-Grown Flowers October 3, 2009

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I forgot to post a theme last week.  Oops!  This week, I remembered. 😀

This week’s picture of week theme is Garden-Grown Flowers.

Post a picture of your garden flower arrangements in Pet Society World’s Flickr Group. If you aren’t a member already, click here for details on how to join and post pictures to the group.

Are most of your flowers indoors or outdoors?  How do you like to arrange them?  Do you think a particular flower combination looks great together?

Momo keeps most of her garden-grown flowers outdoors.  I like how the jasmine looks in front of the forget-me-not, and how the sunflower looks behind both of them.  I like how those colors looks with the pink dahlia too.  I’m not really sure how to pair my roses with other flowers.


21 Responses to “Pet Society World’s Picture of the Week: Garden-Grown Flowers”

  1. randy Says:

    where can you buy the basket? It looks really good with the apple and the orange on it!

  2. Tisss Says:

    Indoors, they are great for decor :))

  3. Karen Robles Says:

    Wow Cute!!

  4. Catalina Says:

    cool!! Randy, the basket is from the shop garden, and I will post a photo on flickr of the flowers conbination, I think the best combination of all is the jasmine with the pink dahlia and the forget-me-not flower!

  5. Nati Says:

    the new stuff is out!

  6. batman Says:

    is momo in the cafe club because i have always wanted to see your house ? write back please

  7. Piffy Says:

    Hay umm i have a request to put all the trees and vegetables and types of flowers so i know what im missing? Are you able to do that?

    • HI Piffy, I’m planning to make a page on the garden, but I haven’t had time yet. For now, you can click on the top tab that says “gardening” and see all my posts on the garden. 🙂

  8. Piffy Says:

    okay thnks hope you make it soon

  9. Chumchum Says:

    My show room of completed garden product:
    Garden Collection

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