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Pet Society Stadium Sightings of New Items – August 20th August 20, 2009

The upcoming preview clothes seen in the Pet Society stadium have an magical wizardry theme just like the new mystery items for the week.  The clothing looks really cool, and I think a lot of pets will be acting out scenes from Harry Potter this week.

Here are the upcoming items I spotted:

New school uniform and robe:

New wizard hat:


Cute witch hat:


20 Responses to “Pet Society Stadium Sightings of New Items – August 20th”

  1. Abril Says:

    Cool! Harry Potter Perhaps?

  2. moco Says:

    Looks like it’ll be a wizardy week. Thanks for your post PSG!

  3. ceres-gal Says:

    magic and wizardy!
    *lets out a fangirl scream*

    i hope they will bring back the black kitty doll *fingers crossed*

  4. ps fans Says:

    how did u manage to find those clothes in the stadium… i couldn’t

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      You can see them if you race and don’t have many friends who play. New clothes appear on the racers and in the stadium audience.

  5. Zoe Says:

    I got a new vegetable in my garden! Petdrake!

  6. petdrake??cool is that the new vegetable,..psg,..can you try growing 1 and post the picture??please??

  7. Zoe Says:

    Here’s a pic of Petdrake. I pulled it out when it was still tiny because I couldn’t wait! 😀

  8. Pet Society Girl Says:

    How cool Zoe! I planted some vegetable seeds last night. Maybe I’ll have a petdrake soon too! Thanks for sharing the picture. 😀

  9. cool,..its like some sord of gingseng shaped as a teddy bear,.

  10. mrseugan! Says:

    err, i already have a gigantic petdrake! what’s that? teddy-like, right?

  11. haradanam Says:

    was browsing through ur posts(just catching up).
    when i noticed and wondered, where can i get the hat in the first picture above?cant remember seeing it in clothes store…hm.
    thanks in advance!

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