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Pet Society Updates, New Waffle, and a New Flower August 15, 2009

There are a bunch of new Pet Society updates today.  One is a change to the interface.  We no longer have to look at the  green “add coins” banner all the time. Instead, there are two new “add coins” and “add playfish cash” banners  that only appear when out pet enters a store.

Here’s how my screen looks in the cafe.  It’s still unnecessary, since we all know where the bank is, but at least the new banners are a little less intrusive than the old one.

While we’re in the cafe, you might have noticed that there’s a new waffle on sale for 40 coins!  The cafe fridge is really getting full!


There are also reports of a new flower, which can be grown from the seeds in the garden shop.  It’s a little jasmine flower.  I’ve planted some seeds, and hopefully I’ll have a picture to post tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Pet Society Updates, New Waffle, and a New Flower”

  1. Hey why is pet society always undergoing some maintenance?????????????

  2. hey!can i add you as my friend on facebook??????
    Give me your email…

  3. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Hi Leigh, I have no idea. I don’t understand what the maintenance is for. I hope I can log in for my daily coins today.

    Sorry, I only add my real life friends on my facebook.

  4. Kimberly Says:

    When will we get free playfish cash ?

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