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Pet Society Homegrown Cherries! August 10, 2009

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Momo found a cherry on her new cherry tree tonight!

Like the cupcakes, the homegrown cherries sell for 85 coins.

A note on cherry trees: before the cherry tree is fully grown, it has green leaves. The young cherry tree has a green, leafy broccoli-like shape and appears identical to the growing orange, apple and cupcake trees.

Updated to add: For some reason, when the cherries were initially released they could be sold for 85 coins, but now they only sell for 65 coins.


44 Responses to “Pet Society Homegrown Cherries!”

  1. Catalina Says:

    woww i’m crossing my fingers to have a cherry tree! I loooveee cherries!

  2. Ivy Says:

    the cherry tree is awesome!!
    any cheats on having them?

  3. Tisss Says:

    How many tree did you plant to get this one?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      I planted two new trees Tisss. One turned out to be a cherry tree, and the second was an orange tree.

  4. Pet Society Maniac Says:

    Pet Society Girl, do you think about garden if winter season?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      That’s a good question. I’m not sure what will happen in winter (in the northern hemisphere). The thing is…it’s winter in the southern hemisphere right now, and the gardens works for everyone living there. I have a feeling it will be the same all year. What do you think?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Yes, I guess so. Last year the neighborhood scene showed bare trees only for halloween and snow-covered trees only for Christmas. The other parts of fall and winter had green trees outside. Pet Society has some aspects of the northern hemisphere, but it is also still imaginary too.

  5. Ciborg Says:

    I planted 4 new trees, 1 day & a bit left for them to grow, 3 of them are with the “leafy brocoli-like shape”, so I hope I’ll get a Cherry Tree, and let’s hope for Cherryfish in the future. 🙂

  6. Rose Says:

    I have a question plz! Where did you find this bunny shown in the picture? And the hedgehog? 😉

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Rose, the little bunny and hedgehog were from chocolate eggs released around Easter. They aren’t available anymore.

  7. Rose Says:

    Oh! I didn’t know it 😦 They are lovely!

    Thx a lot Pet Society girl!

  8. Jana Says:

    do they have it like vegetables? like they grow small, then medium then large? i meant the fruit on the trees

  9. Tooth Says:

    I’m hoping to get a cherry tree now 😛
    Oh, and if you leave fruits on the tree, can they become rotten or get bigger?
    Nice graden, by the way 😀

  10. Leanne Says:

    I always love talking back on ur blog. It’s fun.
    I love the new cherry tree.
    I am also growing two new ones, one is already an orange tree, and I’m hoping for a cherry tree.


  11. brooklyn babee Says:

    i grew a cherry tree after my 6th try! it’s so beautiful!

  12. Danjo the Ninja Says:

    When trees Overlap like that, can you still see the fruit behind the other tree?

  13. Sienna Says:

    How long does it take after you have your cherry tree for it to fruit? I got 2 cherry trees over a week ago and still have no fruit?????

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Sienna, I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern for when the trees fruit. Some of my trees have produced fruit on the third day, while others have taken up to three weeks.

  14. Ran Says:

    Cherry trees are old news in Pet Society now, but I’ve only just started playing with my garden because I didn’t want to waste my money on it while I was new. I planted 5 trees a week ago and 3 of them right next to eachother were cherry! =3 It’s inspired me to try to fill my entire garden with just cherry trees. I planted another tree right next to them and it ended up being cherry too. Could it be that the type of tree can be influenced by its surroundings?

    Also, I heard from someone that if you leave the cherries on the trees for too long, rather than rot, they turn into sakura blossoms…Could anybody confirm that for me? I haven’t seen anybody else mention it, but that may just be because it’s common knowledge…I don’t know ^.^;

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Ran, that’s really cool that you have so many cherry trees in a row. I haven’t noticed that the trees in my garden influence each other, but maybe it is happening in yours!

      I have never read or seen anything about the cherries becoming sakura blossoms. Biologically, the blossoms should come before the fruits. I actually think the pink-ness of the tree is supposed to represent lots of pink blossoms.

      I’ll let you know if I ever see sakura blossoms. 🙂

      • Ran Says:

        Thanks for answering! =3

        Yeah, it seemed a bit fishy to me and I doubt it, but it still seemed plausible enough to question.

  15. Crystalist Says:

    pet society girl, now the price of selling the cherries has become 65 coins..i think u might want to update it…

  16. Din mor Says:

    I Hav two tree for very long time now and they dont carry any fruit!:(

  17. Din mor Says:

    I Have two tree for very long time now and they dont carry any fruit!:(

  18. Carrie Says:

    I got the Cherry tree on my second try, first Igot a coconut tree.

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