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New Pet Society Items – August 9th August 9, 2009

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This week in Pet Society, nearly every new item has an ocean theme.  There aren’t many options for male pets.

The garden shop has a new green clay pot and a pink ribbon pot.  I think the green one is kind of pretty. At least they look the right size, unlike the bear pot I bought two weeks back, which is far too small (see picture below).  All the soil sticks out and it looks horrible.  The pretty flower pot has the same problem though it’s not as small.  I wish Playfish would fix them both, so that the pot was large enough to cover the soil completely.

petsocietygarden-08-09-09 petsocietybearpot

The DIY store has underwater palace wallpaper, a seafloor and cool seaweed curtains.  I’m really glad they aren’t this week special items, so I don’t have to worry about buying them this week.


The clothing is cute, but unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing for boy pets this week. There’s a blue goldfish gown, a mermaid dress, a shell hairpin and a sea star hairpin.

In the furniture store, there are lots of ocean decor items.  My favorite is the shell small mirror.  It’s so pretty!  The lobster doll looks like the lobster in restaurant city.  There are  a lot of items and they are pretty expensive, so right now I’m just planning to get the mirror and lobster.


The new items in the luxury shop are a shell chair and a “shell full lenght [sic] mirror.”


In the mystery store, there are two new potions called pink bubble potion and blue bubble potion. Also, for some reason, the light switches have been moved into the mystery store.  Wouldn’t they have fit better in the gadget shop?


I tried out the blue bubble potion and this is what happened:


You may have noticed that Momo is under her beautiful, new cherry tree.  You can see a better view of the cherry tree in this post.

There’s nothing new in the food and gadget shops this week.  Also, some of the cash shop items seem to be seeping out of the store and into regular stores (the garden and mystery shops), which is making it more difficult for me to avoid them.

Overall, I’m glad that there aren’t many “this week special items.”  Aside from the blue goldfish dress, I won’t have to worry about buying things right away.

What do you all think of the new items?


25 Responses to “New Pet Society Items – August 9th”

  1. Ivy Says:

    hey how about a clearance sale this week?

  2. Ivy Says:

    yes it makes me frustrated too! 😦
    but does furniture shop have clearance sale also!!
    what is it glow in the dark, does the statue with a heart has been moved from cash shop to mystery store??

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Hi Ivy, no there is no clearance in the furniture store this week, but there is a clearance in the cash shop. The glow in the dark items (paw lights and statue) were moved from the cash shop into the mystery store, and they are still cash only items. It’s a bit confusing now, since the cash items are not only in the cash shop.

  3. Ivy Says:

    i haven’t log my pet society today,
    so i haven’t seen this, i only see your post and also at pet society club, but this is more informative!!!

  4. Ivy Says:

    items in the shop is pretty expensive hahaha!

  5. nati Says:

    i didn’t like so much the new stuff, but i have to agree with you, the mirror is beautiful!
    i’m hoping to get the cherry tree, and i have one question: does it grow like the banana/coconout tree or like the cupcake/apple/orange tree? so that i can guess if i have a chance to get it. thanks!

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Nati, before the cherry tree is fully grown, it has green leaves. The young cherry tree has a green, leafy brocoli-like shape and appears identical to the growing orange, apple and cupcake trees.

  6. Ferretbite Says:

    Not a fan of the week theme. Again

  7. Tisss Says:

    I love the new items, you know, pastell colours are my destiny :))
    Btw, would be great to see the new wallpaper in wall (picture), anybody, who already tried it?

    • hara Says:

      i’ve tried the new wallpaper, but unfortunately the server goes into maintenance at this time.i’m sure others have tried it, too (who’s not in maintenance :P)

      btw the wallpaper is like arches and pillars, where u can see the water btwn them.its like a house submerged underwater..even cooler if ur pet use bubble potion

    • Ivy Says:

      the wallpaper is great..
      not unlike the other wallpaper…
      so simple
      coz this new wallpaper got a decor on the back!

  8. Zoe Says:

    Hmm, I think I just want the hair accessories. I like the purple shell chair from the luxury shop.

  9. natty Says:

    hate it so so much!!!!
    i still cant login to play coz from yesterday pet society still on maintnenance!!!!

  10. ceres-gal Says:

    i want the mirrors +___+
    they look so pretty

  11. joe Says:

    where is the mermaid dress???

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