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New Pet Society Items – July 12th July 15, 2009

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This week, our pets are celebrating Bastille Day (France) in Pet Society.  There are lots of fun French items. In the DIY store, there’s a Paris view window, blue Versailles wallpaper and Versailles parquet flooring.
In the clothing store, there’s are lots of cool clothes.  There’s a sailor shirt and beret to dress like an artist.  Girl pets can dress as a cancan dancer. Our pets can also wear Queen Marie Antoinette’s dress or a Versailles outfit to look like King Louis XVI.  Just be careful to avoid the guillotine!

In the food store, there’s a baguette and a delicious looking crepe available as specials for the week. petsociety-food-07-15-09
The furniture store has a Napoleon bear doll and a noir pet poster.  There’s also a pretty set of Blue Versaille’s furniture.  I think my house is too full to even consider buying it, even though it’s quite pretty!
There’s also a matching blue Versailles bed in the Luxury store:
In the gadget store, there’s a Moulin Rouge miniature. It’s pretty big for a miniature, don’t you think?  Does anyone know if the item is animated?
Lastly, in the cafe, there’s a new item: a croissant!


6 Responses to “New Pet Society Items – July 12th”

  1. blaktrika Says:

    answering your question: Moulin Rouge miniature is animated, your pet can turn it on and you can see ligts on it and it also moves..

  2. Pet Society Girl Says:

    Thanks for the info, blaktrika! I think I’ll save for one. 🙂

  3. Rizka Says:

    do you always buy new items? 🙂

  4. sefa Says:

    Usually, I buy something each week, do you?

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