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Recycling and Eco Box Info June 26, 2009

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Someone asked a question on eco boxes in the comments, so I thought I’d write a post with info on recycling and eco boxes.  Recycling was introduced in Pet Society on April 9, 2009.

How recycling works:

If you have an item you don’t like or need in your storage chest, then you can drag it into the green recycling box to receive recycling points. You will receive twice as many recycling points for an item as the item’s coin value. For instance, if you recycle a retro green polo, which costs 200 coins, you’ll receive 400 recycling points.

If you want to calculate the number of expected recycling points, I’ve made two equations that are helpful. The calculations are most accurate for store-bought items, and sometimes they calculations are just 1 or 2 coins off. For fish (and pond items), you’ll receive slightly more recycling points that expected from the equations below.

To calculate your recycle points, you can use the following formulas:

Let R = recycle points, P=store price, and S=re-sale price.
The two formulas to calculate recycling points are: R=2P or R=6S.

(meaning recycling points are twice the store price, or recycling points are six times the re-sale price).

Once you collect 10,000 recycling points, you can cash out to receive one small eco box. You need to collect 20,000 recycling points for a medium eco box, and 30,000 recycling points for a large eco box. When you cash out, the recycling points will be deducted from your total to bu the eco box you’ve chosen.

From each type of eco box (small, medium, large), you have  random chance of receiving one of five items.  The items found in each type of eco box are shown below:




If you receive an item from the eco box that you don’t like, you can recycle or sell the item. Keep in mind that you won’t get the same number of recycling points that you used to buy the eco box. For instance, the seedling doll costs 10,000 recycling points, but if you recycle a seedling doll, you’ll only get 5,000 recycling points back, or you can sell it for 833 coins.

The info and images are from The Pet Society Database.

Hope this page is helpful to you!!


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134 Responses to “Recycling and Eco Box Info”

  1. CRystal Says:


    • Arceus Mengboblil Says:

      there are also new prizes in the eco box too
      Eco Unicorn Seat
      I think there’s also a tree seed, but I have a lot of trees and filled up all my plots, so I don’t know which tree came from which seed.

  2. Idyll Says:

    wow.. I always thought the seedling doll was in the MEDIUM or LARGE eco box… that’s why I never got it :))

  3. Pet Society Girl Says:

    It’s so cute! I thought it would be in a more expensive eco box too, but it is in the small ones. 🙂

  4. society is so cool is practically send chills down your spine…But what is an eco box?
    add me on facebook!!
    i want to know cheats and stuff!!

  5. Pet Society Girl Says:

    I explained what an eco box is above. They are the green boxes you can buy after recycling.

  6. apocalipto Says:

    you can get cash if you recycle your stuff?

  7. Schatje Says:

    If you get someting in a recycling box that you don’t want, can you sell it or recycle it?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Schatje, I just checked, and yes, you can recycle or sell the items you get from the recycling box. You don’t get the same number of recycling points you used though. For instance, the seedling doll costs 10,000 recycling points, but if you recycle a seedling doll, you’ll only get 5,000 recycling points back or you can sell it for 833 coins.

  8. Natasha Says:

    So, if we have 10 000 recycle points, we can get small eco box? Then, inside the eco box is a gift? Cool!

  9. Natasha Says:

    Pet Society Girl, if we recycle until 10, 000 recycle points and get a gift, is our recycle points go back to 0 again or no?

  10. shermin Says:

    i don,t have a big or small eco box -.-

  11. Toad Says:

    I gotta biggest brain bust statue. what is it? how come is isn’t listed here??

  12. somebody Says:

    My Friend says she got a pair of sunglasses that can become glasses when you click on them, and like mystery items, instead of a question mark, it says “new”. Is there really such an item?

  13. devabandicoot Says:

    playfish should make some new items in the eco box.

    pet society girl, can i wear snorkling mask or its just a decor?

  14. Sandy Says:

    I know this would take a lot of time, but I would love to see a list of all the items and how many recycling points you get if you recycle them. It seems to vary wildly. Do you know of a site that has that information?

    🙂 Thanks – I love your site 🙂

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for visiting. No, I don’t know of a site that does that. I find it easier to do the math than using a reference site. It’s not that hard to calculate the number of recycling points you’ll get (sometimes the calculation is just 1 or 2 coins off).

      Let R = recycle points, P=store price, and S=re-sale price.
      The two formulas to calculate recycling points are: R=2P or R=6S.

      (meaning recycling points are twice the store price, or recycling points are six times the re-sale price).

  15. Nicole Says:

    still aiming for a seeding doll!!!

  16. Noellll. Says:

    Hiii, great site! (:
    I have a question. I probably missed this, but I’m not sure .. can you sell what you earn from the eco boxes? If so, have you tried? And how much would you get back from them? Can you send them, too? Haa, sorry for all the questions. 😀

  17. Noellll. Says:

    Ohh, nevermind sorry! I just noticed what you said to Schatje. thanks, haa. (;

  18. Keizer Says:

    Hey I was wondering if you can do the same thing with the eco boxes as the mystery one; Openeing it adn if u dun lie it, reload the page.
    Will it work for eco?

  19. edge Says:

    i have some tips that might help yah out guys and girls….

    upon opening your eco box, did you know that u can change everythin u got from it?
    …tip!: when u think that the item u got from the eco box(regardless whether it is a large/medium/small eco box) u can reload things by simply highlighting the url above then click enter >>> meaning you’ll reload everythin…the surprise here is when u open ur eco box…its a different item now!!! enjoy!!!

  20. edge Says:

    hope that answers your querries KEIZER : )


  21. Toad(pet society name) Says:

    ummm….. about the fishes. they can be sold for 4 coins but recycled for 30 points. if i follow ur calculation, they shud be recycled for 8 points rite?

  22. chekaina Says:

    does anyone have the bali dancer dress?i really really really want it!

  23. BaBy miX LeemIZZ (pet society name) Says:

    can u where the snorkling mask?

  24. Emma Says:

    i got the seedling doll but recycled that for 5,000 recycle points

  25. ray Says:

    i found the dolpin doll!

  26. cairo(pet society name) Says:

    i have 2 totems and the seed doll

  27. elizebeth Says:

    how can i get a yellow cab?

  28. joshua Says:

    add me plsssss…..

  29. joshua Says:

    i know

  30. Rizka Says:

    i got seedling doll, it is so cute 😀

  31. BaBy miX LeemIZZ Says:


  32. dnny Says:

    my doll collection is missing the seal doll!!! hope will get it soon

  33. miapuspacinantya Says:

    how can to get this special recycle box,ps girl?

  34. Gwen Says:

    Pet Society girl, another (slight) exception to the rule is 999 items from the mystery packs. You can recycle those for 6,000. Not a big deal, but they rounded the points up for those items.

  35. If you were to cash out at 10,000 eco points and get the small eco prize, would you have to start all over to get to the medium and large eco prizes?

  36. Is there a limit to how many eco point you can have?

  37. may Says:

    i cant get seedling doll instead monkey cup awtz…

  38. Why You Blocir Mystery Box?…

  39. ewin Says:

    how to cash out?

  40. So from what I understand, If you have over 10 000 eco pts and you cash out the small eco prize, you still keep what’s left over right?

  41. JessAndCrystal Says:

    Oh, too bad…
    On website said that you just got coins for eco points. I was so excited! I was like ZOMG YAY 8k PROFIT!!
    But you only get stupid, cheap items!
    Man…what a waste of my coins! T_T

  42. Tan W.B. Says:

    wow! i like the disco ball! 😀 it’s so cool!

  43. carmen Says:

    I want to know if the contents in the Eco Boxes be changed from time to time?

  44. bebe Says:

    i got a travellers palm.
    its alrite.
    i wanted a baby seal or dolphin doll.

  45. kaitlyn Says:

    can you help my friend to build a pet society account PLEASE!

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Can’t you teach her if you have one? Bascially, you just join facebook and add the pet society application.

  46. How much eco points can you get from the large eco prizes?

  47. Doraemon Says:

    i am very sad that my 2 large eco box also the same thing
    mini wind turbine 😦

    • Doraemon Says:

      But I Recycle The 2 Mini Wind Turbine And Get 30k Eco Point, After That, I Cash Out The *L A R G E* Eco Box And Get The Thing I Want, That Was / TeLeScOpE \ !!!
      I Was Very Happy Of It! 😀 😀 😀

      • Pet Society Girl Says:

        That’s wonderful! I’m happy for you. 😀

      • jamaica Says:

        The mini turbine is cute.. i put it in my garden..
        i got 2 telescope which sucks.. I just keep the other 1..
        The only thing I want is the wall fountain, and unfortunately i can’t get it. I always get the clock..
        and oh, the bed really suck, i sold the beds that i got..

  48. Brittany Says:

    i got the jungle bed (large) the disco ball (medium) the baby seal doll (medium) and the seedling doll (small). im going for a large again.

  49. Aidan Says:

    i got two monkey cups so i recycled them and got a seeding doll.

  50. Lucie Says:

    :0 Imm soo sorry for u dani,

  51. chocolover Says:

    I’m aiming for a Large Recycling Box. I’m almost to the medium one, but I adore everything in the medium and large, but particularly the fountain in the large one. Also, can you post some tips about what I should recycle and for how much its worth?

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      I typically recycle items that are 999 for resale if I get an extra because they give a lot of points. You can also recycle extra fish and fruit. 🙂 The calculation in the post above works for most store items that can be recycled. This site provides recycle values for a lot of items:

  52. PSB Says:

    Hey cuckoo clock is so common….. I always get the cuckoo clock 😥 but now i have ALLLLLLL the things in the eco boxes YAY…. this applies to fishes but not mystery boxes 😦 Things inside the mystery boxes are so rare!!!!

  53. Gavin Says:

    I notice every eco box:small,medium and large always has to do something with plants

  54. gigi Says:

    Wow PS Girl, been reading all the notes, and you, my dear, have tremendous patience… lol ok, maybe this is another ‘duh’ question, but once you cash out, and are about to claim your eco prize where will THAT prize be? automatically in your chest or will you get a pop-up to alert you? first time doing the recycle ‘thing’, and I’m not clear on that…

    • Hi Gigi, thanks for reading through the comments before asking your question! When you cash out to buy an eco box, it works a lot like the mystery box system. You’ll have an eco box prize in your inventory chest. Then you pull the box out, and have your pet open it. You’ll see what you won in a pop-up message. You can then find the item you won in either your clothing chest (if it’s the snorkling mask) or your inventory chest (if it’s any one of the other items).

  55. jojo Says:

    if you have all three of the boxes,if you open the large one will the small and medium one be gone?

  56. I got a birdhouse,eagle totem piece and baby seal!!!!
    Thanks for the post Pet Society Girl!

  57. Quang Nguyen Says:

    I Love Pet society !!!! but these days I can’t log in Facebook !!! can somebody tell me what is this week new items ? I’m SAD !!!

  58. Leidy Says:

    Hi…i wanted to thank you, the site it’s great…
    i have a question…
    can’t you choose what you like form the eco box!?

  59. maynard Says:

    why are my recycling points is 13,450 but i dont receive a small eco box??????

  60. Uh. i got all the small eco box prizes.. i got none in the medium boxes.. and i got jungle bed then i recycled it and i got windmill!!!

  61. zooo Says:

    I cant ercycle, I have 31000 points and I click cash item box or whatever and nothing happens… HELP?

  62. darelyn Says:

    i cant cash out even though i gain 20,000 recycle coins!help!

    waiting for ur reply!

  63. Jannet Says:

    I got a Happy Dolphin Statue, i think u should put it in da large eco box

  64. Chrissy Says:

    You forgot the groundhog doll in the small eco box

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